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FWC - Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

Who We Are

We are the economic development powerhouse of Fort Worth, leading the charge for sustainable growth for our evolving city.

We are committed to maximizing our talents, vision and trailblazing spirit to continue building upon the strong foundation of existing business, while also attracting new commerce and talent to our area.
Areas of Focus


Local Businesses


New Businesses


The environment to attract and retain business and the talent that fuels them

State of the City

Mayor Betsy Price spoke about the current state of Fort Worth and her time as the city's longest-serving mayor and focused on how the city remains strong as it enters the recovery phase of the pandemic.


Celebrating Small Businesses

Share your moment of greatest pride or achievement in the last 18 months so we can tell your story for you.

Best Place for Working Parents

Take the first-of-its-kind business self-assessment to determine whether your workplace qualifies for a Best Place for Working Parents™ business designation or an Innovator Award

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